Workshop for Parents This Fall

This fall, parents of infants and preschoolers that are stuck on a therapy waitlist will have a chance to get some help via few workshops.

The Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre and Simcoe Community Services will be offering three free workshops for parents in October and November.

The hosts of the workshops will be two preschool resource teachers, a speech pathologist and an occupational therapist. The two of them combine their skills in order to provide parents with knowledge about the development of their children in the field of language, socialization and play.

Calm, Alert & Ready to Communicate is a workshop that consists of two parts. The first series will be held on October 21st and 28th and will focus on language development, expanding attention span through games and sensory factors that may be distracting the attention of the child from learning language or getting used to doing some activity.

The workshop that will be held on November 4th will help parents find the most appropriate toys for their children. Parents will get a chance to learn more about the purpose of different child’s games.

The workshop on November 18th is called Visual Strategies: A Make &Take and will help parents realize how pictures and visual strategies can improve the communication, expand the attention span and increase independence and enable them to create aids tailored to their children’s interests and needs.

To register, please leave a voicemail at 705-728-9090, extension 47156 and state your child’s name, the number of people attending, a phone number and the name of the course.

The location is 80 Bradford St., Unit 110.



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