The Task of the REALTOR®

Not many people who are entering in the housing market for the first time are familiar with the task of the REALTOR®. No matter if you are a buyer or a seller, the greatest help that you can get in the buying/selling process will certainly come from your REALTOR®.

This particular article focuses on the task that a REALTOR® performs for his/her seller. The relation between the two parties is highly professional and the final goal is to sell the home in a relatively short timeframe for the money that the home is objectively worth.

The first and major task of the REALTOR® is to always be prepared for any challenge or issue that might arise in the selling process and always defend the interest of the client, in this case, the seller.

In order to better understand the task that the REALTOR® performs for the seller, here is a short list of the essential services that a REALTOR® provides:

• The first task of the REALTOR® that does not depend neither on the seller nor the buyer is to obtain a listing. Good REALTORS® have no problems finding homes that need to be sold or bought even though the process often is difficult and time-consuming.

• The REALTOR® does as much research as he/she can on the housing market, the prices of the homes in the seller’s neighbourhood and the latest trends on the market. After all data is processed and all details are taken into account, the REALTOR® is ready to make a comparative market analysis which will provide the basic price of the home.

• Next, the task of the REALTOR® is to present the results from the analysis to the seller and offer a price that the REALTOR® considers to be suitable and further on create a marketing strategy for selling the home in a short period of time. Should the two parties agree, the REALTOR® is set to list the home on the local MLS®.

• Nowadays, there are so many creative ways of marketing the home – from house tours to quality photos and catchy phrases that attract the attention of potential buyers. The task of the REALTOR® is to promote the home on the market using all types of known marketing tools.

• The REALTOR® organizes an open home and gives potential buyers an opportunity to take a look at the home and see for themselves whether it is worth buying or not.

• When the buyer shows readiness for purchasing the home, the task of the REALTOR® is to close the deal ensuring that both parties are equally satisfied by the outcome of the buying/selling process.

The task of the REALTOR®

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