Tai Chi Courses for Beginners in Collingwood

The Blue Mountain Energy Arts is offering Tai Chi classes for beginners.

The classes will be held every Monday and Thursday from 10:00 to 11:15 a.m. at the Central Park in Collingwood, of course, if the weather permits.

The price for a single class id $10 or $40 for 5 classes.

Tai Chi helps the body gain a relaxing confidence, enhanced power and endurance, focus and alertness as well as balance and inner harmony.

Learning of Tai Chi basics includes learning to breathe properly, preparing the body for all postures and alignments and acquiring the skills of moving in space with complete awareness.

Participants in this Tai Chi course will practice a sequence of moves which is a portion of the 18-move Yang-Style Short Form that will challenge body and mind and bring big rewards.

You can register for the first class by contacting Jim Richardson at 705-445-2613 or visiting www.bluemountainenergyarts.com.

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