Shop and Support the Food Bank in Barrie

Barrie jewller Michael Smiley has entered into partnership with Barrie Welding in order to create a gadget and provide help for the hungry while visiting the grocery store. The shopping cart that Michael Smiley has imagined will eliminate the need to find a quarter when taking a cart at No Frills or Food Basics, and, [...]

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Tottenham Food Bank Outgrowing Its Space

Tottenham’s Food Bank has outgrown its current location as a result of the generosity of the community and the increasing number of people willing to donate. The Food Bank in Tottenham is active, volunteer-run organization located on George Street. The current building is not wheelchair accessible and lacks the space that the group needs in [...]

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Help the Alliston Food Bank This Thanksgiving

The Food bank in Alliston has been helping local residents in need for over 20 years. Despite the few changes that took place through the years, the Good Shepherd Food Bank is still alive and kicking just off the main street in Alliston and working with 80 volunteers that manage to provide food for 280 [...]

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