Semi-detached Homes Re-included in Beeton

At the Monday night council meeting, New Tecumseth council revoked its previous decision to remove the semi-detached homes from Sorbara Development plan.

The result of the voting was 5-4 vote for a “mixture of housing types”.

Councillor Smith, who was the person to re0pen the conversation on the semi’s, stated:

“We probably sandbagged the developer (at the last meeting) by agreeing to remove the 60 semi-detached units. He added the “bottom of the market” homes were needed for Beeton because the local schools were not getting enough kids, and “kids come from these types of homes. We need affordable housing that does not exclude the minority. (Without semi’s) it’s not a balanced development.”

Councillor Whiteside stated that he has not voted in favour in the first place because he believes that it’s not good planning as not everyone can afford a single family home.

Councillor Marrs stated that keeping the semi’s might allow people a chance to get a small home and work their way up.

Councillor Sainsburry added that there is a need for affordable housing as it might allow people (like the 160 ladies living alone in her Ward) to live independently, even though she doesn’t like semi’s because it creates parking problems.

New Tecumseth Mayor Mike MacEachern stated that he was in favour of having a range of housing types.

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