Preparing the Home for Winter

Winter is slowly coming to us so this might be the best time to start with the preparations in the home.

November is usually the month when the transition of the seasons takes place, so before it’s too late, ensure that you have checked everything and you are ready for the cold winter days.

When it comes to fixing things inside and around the house, the first thing that needs to be done is to the cleaning of the gutters. During the summer and fall, leaves or debris might pile up and clog the gutters. Therefore, start with cleaning up all gutters. Checking the draft inside is also important as you surely want to keep the warmth inside the home during the winter. Check your windows and doors and fix them with weather stripping. In the end, check all electric devices that you use the warm your home. If something needs repairs, do that as soon as possible.

Regarding the area around the house, start with what’s most fragile. You can cover the shrubs and flower beds in your yard with mulch to protect the roots and the soil from extreme winter temperatures. Clear the fallen branches and leaves from the yard. Take everything you have put in the yard during the summer which can be damaged during the winter, and finally, get the tools you need to clear away the snow.

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