Orangeville Theatre Renovation Plan Finalized

The Orangeville Town Hall Opera House is about to get renovated.

Orangeville Theatre artistic director David Nairn stated that accessibility and safety were the two major factors that were included in the renovation plan. The replacement of the existing seats is also one of the main priorities.

The renovation will provide free access to all prime seating as well as add nine wheel chair seating options.

The renovation project also includes elimination of the troublesome little half steps that people tripped upon when entering.

A new technology is also included in the renovation plan in order to help the visually impaired. The new system will include a tablet technology paired with an in-house video system that will assist people in watching the show.

The project is estimated at $234,000. Orangeville has committed $70,000 to the renovation and the theatre applied for a $117,000 grant from Canadian Heritage. The theatre also collected about $40,000 from a $1 ticket surcharge and the plans to sell the current seats to a smaller company.

The renovation process will probably start on August 1st.


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