New School in Barrie Preparing for a Brand New School Year

Queensway, the newest school in Barrie, was still under construction when parents came to register their children for the upcoming school year.

Principal Tom Dorsey said that they will be opening the school on September 3rd.

The costs for the new school in Barrie are estimated at $10 million and it will be open for 520 children.

The principal added that the upper two floors are ready and school will start on time. He encouraged parents to visit the website of the school to learn everything they need to know.

About 400 children are expected to register for the next school year.

However, the library and the gym are not yet completed. Dorsey hopes that they will be ready soon.

The school features full-day kindergarten and before and after-school care.

Concerning the name and mascot of the school, the principal suggested that they organize a contest and get a logo as well.

New school to be open in Barrie

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