Home Inspection Tips for Home Buyers

Home inspection is a significant measure that is designed to help both sellers and buyers to evaluate the home on sale properly. The process is pretty simple and its purpose is to provide information for potential home buyers.

During the process, home buyers are advised to ask questions concerning the home and their opinion on the look of the house.

Here are 3 key questions that a home buyer should pose to the home inspector:

- How much will the home inspection cost?

The cost of the home inspection and the time it will take to complete it depends mainly on the size and age of the home. However, an experienced home inspector should be able to give you an estimate in advance. Generally, a typical home inspection takes up between one and a half up to three hours. Talk to the home inspector in advance and make an arrangement about the price and the time the home inspection will take.

- Can you explain that to me?

The home inspector recommends that both sellers and buyers are present at the home inspection and ask questions during the process. A professional will walk their clients through the house an point out every positive and negative feature of the home. So, as a potential buyer, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask questions about the house as you really need to be 100% sure that you have seen every corner of the house and learned everything about its advantages and disadvantages before deciding to buy it.

In case you are not able to attend the home inspection, read the report carefully and, once again, ask everything you want to know about the house.

- What should I fix?

During the home inspection, the home inspector will point out which features of the home might need repair. So, to make things clear, talk to the home inspector and even to the seller and find out if there is something that needs urgent repair.

What is important is that as a home buyer, you have an active part in the home inspections process and remember that it is better to learn things in advance than to buy a house with secret places that need a complete repair and you haven’t seen them because you never asked. There are no silly questions when buying a home because what you buy will be your home for years to come.

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