Enjoy the Winter Trails of the Area

There will be some more snowy weeks this winter and that might be considered great news for snowmobile enthusiasts.

The local district of the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs has made a figure-eight loop that goes through the district and offers a quality sample of the area’s greatest features. The loop is called Ride the 8 due to its connected trails and ride-up amenities.

You can check the entire map on most.on.ca.

If your trip takes you through Alliston, you can take a break at the Red Pine Inn. Reaching the inn is easy, you only need to follow the signs on trail 424 where it crosses the Scotch Line north of the railway tracks.

There is also the Dufferin Forest. The Dufferin trails can be accessed from Alliston following trail 424 to trail 422 which lead to the forest. There is a parking lot on Airport Road which is just south of the 20th Sideroad.

The Alliston Ridge Runner Loop is also an enjoyable three-hour loop following trails 421, 422, 423, 424 and B109.

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