Decorating Tips for Newlyweds

You two have finally said “I do”. From that point onward, everything is about sharing. This also includes decorating your new home.

We are giving you a few tips that will get your decoration job done without any problems.

There’s no doubt that your love is strong, but love has nothing to do with taste. When it comes to decorating a home, your views might differ and that’s fine. The first thing you two need to do is express your ideas so that you are clear about your lifestyle preferences and needs. State your favourite coours, your sleeping habits, the amount of light that you need in he home. Go through your answers and try to find a common ground.

Next stop, get some ideas. Go through design and decorating magazines and keep the photos of the designs you like. Even better, check the internet for more interior design ideas and show the designs to your partner. Of course, your partner should do the same.

A part of the romance is to create a home for the two of you and it’s a beautiful idea to decorate the home together with your spouse. However, a good idea is to hire an interior designer at least in the beginning. A professional in interior design will certainly make a perfect combination out of two ideas. Starting from the major decisions such as paint colour, carpets and furniture, the designer will help you reach a decision easily and with no mistakes.

Regarding the colour, women need to be aware that they will probably have the task to find the perfect colour for the home. However, always bring mutually-agreed decisions. Suggest your colours, hear your partner’s and find something between. Concerning the furniture, bear in mind that you will always need a comfortable sofa in the living room and a relaxing bed in the bedroom, so don’t save money on those two. Choose carefully the pieces of furniture that cannot be changed ofen and choose them in natural colouring. Forget about matching furniture – today’s trends impose diversity and creativity.

Finally, spend some time on organizing your accessories. This is the final touch and this will mark your home as a place that belongs to both of you. This really is left on you only and your sense of creativity – try with picture frames, candles, wallpapers, cushions, flowers, curtains – it’s your choice, but, as we have mentioned previously, it should be approved by both sides.

In the end, don’t panic – decorating an entire home might take more time than expected but the result will be a loving home for both of you. It is the process that will turn your house into a home.

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