Contributing to the Upgrade of Alliston Memorial Arena

If you are interested in donating a bit more attention or resources to the renovation of the Alliston Memorial Arena, you now have a chance.

Concerning the Alliston Memorial Arena, members of the community have brought a decision to advise New Tecumseth Council that they wish to make a donation of funds, or make a contribution by means of labour, materials etc to the maintenance and improvement of the Alliston Memorial Arena.

Therefore, residents, community groups, businesses and others who are interested will have a chance to give a donation or contribute to the improvement of the arena. People who are interested in taking part should provide information to the Town Clerk to indicate the amount of donation or nature of the contribution that they are willing to make concerning the upgrade of Alliston Memorial Arena. Staff will further on provide information on how such donations can be integrated in the project.

Submissions should be made in writing and delivered to the Town Clerk due August 23rd.

Submissions may be:

• Mailed or delivered to the attention of the Town Clerk at the Alliston Administration Office at 10 Wellington Street E, Alliston ON L9R 1A1

• E-mailed to the Town Clerk at ac.htesmucetwen@llorraccmc

• Faxed to the Clerk at 705-435-2873

Alliston Memorial Arena

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