Collingwood Hospital Receives $25,000 from National Bank

The New Age of Care has received another major boost.

The Collingwood General and Marine Hospital Foundation received $25,000 from the National Bank via the Altamira Foundation.

This move is just another proof of the National Bank’s commitment and contribution to the community and well being of the residents.

The new $10 million campaign for new diagnostic imaging equipment and supporting technology is now in its final stage and the already purchased new pieces of equipment are now helping doctors to save lives at the Collingwood Hospital.

Government funds have not been sufficient to cover the costs of the needed equipment in the hospital, so it must look for generosity which is often given by the National Bank and many other organizations.

The New Age of Care campaign has been successful due to individuals and businesses who understand the importance of a professional medical service.

Collingwood General and Marine Hospital

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