Beeton Girl Gives Back to the Community

Madi Vanstone, the girl from Beeton who suffers from cystic fibrosis, is having a birthday party this weekend.

Instead of collecting presents, Madi decided to use the day to help out the Barrie Out of the Cold program as a way to say thanks to everyone who supported her and helped her have a better life.

Madi’s cystic fibrosis symptoms have almost entirely disappeared since she started with her new medication in August.

Now Madi is once again the child full of energy and that also results in better achievements at school. She is no longer struggling with daily headaches and stomachaches.

Beeton and area residents have really helped this girl to succeed and fight for her precious life. During the summer, there have been several fundraisers to help the family purchase the expensive medication which is no longer funded by the province.

Madi now feels that she is in a position to give back and because of this, she decided to help others who are in need by means of collecting food donations instead of collecting presents. She will also bake up a batch of Christmas cookies for the shelter to help spread the holiday atmosphere.

Join Madi and help people in need.

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