Affordable Housing Units to Be Constructed in Barrie

Simcoe County has recommended to Barrie an affordable-housing project for $3.84-million in federal and provincial funding.

Simcoe County’s director of social housing, Cathy Kytayko, stated that the overall number of compliant bids and the quality of the proposals received has been impressive. However, due to the limited funding, Simcoe County will receive only one project.

In February 2013, the Hillcrest Lodge board managed to convince Orillia council to give a permit to lease the city-owned Hillcrest Public School building located on Matchedash Street for a 32-bed affordable housing complex for seniors. Previously, the city demolished the school in order to provide a neighbourhood park. As a result, Orillia didn’t receive the money from the county.

This week, county council recommended the investment project for affordable housing should go to 873815 Ontario Limited COB Mahogany Management. The company plans to build 32 units of affordable housing in Barrie.

Simcoe County’s procurement policy has required an open and transparent process and the entire evaluation criteria has been published as part of the request for proposal document. Mahogany Management was the company that submitted the highest-scoring proposal.

Currently, Barrie is considered as an under-serviced area regarding affordable housing. The purpose of Simcoe County’s project is to change that.

affordable housing in Barrie


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