Alliston Nursery Founder John Somerville Awarded Again

John Somerville, the founder of Somerville Nurseries once again received a prestigious award for his achievement. At the Riverwood Retirement Home in Alliston, Mr. Somerville was given the Ontario Professional Foresters Association Honoured Professional award for 2013. The award is given every year to an individual who have made a significant contribution to the Ontario [...]

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The Importance of Donating at Food Banks

Every now and then, we need a reminder that not all people are having three meals per day and that the food banks in the community need to be constantly re-filled so that nobody is hungry at the end of the day. Orangeville has always been a generous community, especially regarding the donations to food [...]

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Orangeville Theatre Renovation Plan Finalized

The Orangeville Town Hall Opera House is about to get renovated. Orangeville Theatre artistic director David Nairn stated that accessibility and safety were the two major factors that were included in the renovation plan. The replacement of the existing seats is also one of the main priorities. The renovation will provide free access to all [...]

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